Greetings from Equi-Tee Farm & Fence!

Thank you for visiting ManureShovel.Com, we hope you enjoy this website. At Equi-Tee Farm & Fence we know how much time can be spent on horse chores. Picking up manure and cleaning stalls can take up a significant part of your day. We figured there had to be a way to make these chore easier and spend less time doing them and this shovel is the answer!

A primer on Scooping and Picking!

Shoveling manure is not rocket science. Some folks use a manure fork (pickers), while others use a shovel and a rake (scoopers). This shovel is for barn walkway cleaning and for use in paddocks or pastures where shavings do not need to be sifted out. If your technique is anything like ours, we place the shovel behind the pile and attempt to rake the manure or debris into the shovel. This usually takes three or more tries, the piles are usually a bit wider than the shovel so they won’t all collect on the first sweep, and once it is all in the road apples (being round) tend to roll back out of the shovel, requiring another sweep to collect it all. If a man can be sent to the moon, wouldn’t you think somebody could develop a more efficient method than this? Not surprisingly, someone has.

A Better way to Collect Manure!

Picking up manure is a bit like death and taxes, unavoidable. That being said, it seemed like the best solution was to optimize the current shovel in use to make the task easier. The first step was easy, simply enlarge the mouth of the shovel to the size of the average pile to reduce the number of rake sweeps required. A quick study (from Ponies to Percherons) showed that 20 inches should just about do it. The second step was a bit harder to fix, how to keep the manure from rolling out. When observing pasture cleanings, we noticed that each shovel full was dumped into the wheelbarrow, rather than being thrown, like you would snow or grain. So after several tries and prototypes we determined that a step could be added to the shovel to keep the manure balls on the shovel once swept there. The step did not interfere with unloading the shovel because turning the shovel over to dump it is a routine step for manure scoopers. The size and shape of this unique shovel is patent pending, and has caused more than one person to remark “That’s a whale of a shovel”. We agree it has a pretty interesting profile and it is HUGE!

Reach for the shovel that saves you some trouble!

Is it really possible to save time and steps with such simple changes to a shovel? You bet! At our Andalusian Ranch we have 12 to 16 horses to pick up after twice daily. Experience has shown us that we save 15 to 45 minutes a day with this shovel. Since it holds more this also equates into fewer steps and cleaned pastures too! The folks using our shovel are its biggest fans, they report that they LOVE their new “Whale Shovel”.
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